Why Hire a Tutor?

Why You Should Hire Horse Show Tutor

As the owner of Horse Show Tutor and the chief resource, I feel that I offer a private tutoring service unparalleled to any other. Horse Show Tutor is founded on the values of personalized service and I personally am 100% fully committed to each student, which is the foundation for my success.

I have grown Horse Show Tutor to be among the top tutoring options available in Wellington, and I have done so solely through hard work. I do little to no advertising; I have never hired a PR agent; I do not lure parents with a discounted price and then don’t deliver results. I even have written ALL the content on this website myself. I am an honest and hard working individual, who is proud of the company I have built on my own merit.

The services provided by Horse Show Tutor are geared toward those parents and students seeking more attention than a large tutoring service can offer, but more proven experience than most private tutors catering to the equestrian community.

Parents can simply hire Horse Show Tutor and we will take it from there!

Once hired, owner Gina Marie Mondel will take care of all the necessary details of the tutoring experience, including contacting the school and gaining cooperation for the student to partake in tutoring.

Parents don't need to be burdened with the stress of dealing with the school.

Horse Show Tutor has more experience than the majority of independent, private tutors who cater to equestrians.

  • We have over 15 years of experience working as a private tutor in the equestrian field, particularly as a private Wellington tutor.
  • We have worked with many schools throughout the United States, Canada, and many other countries.
  • Horse Show Tutor's extensive experience allows for a productive and successful tutoring experience for your child, as well as a smooth transition back into the classroom.

We receive many students midseason during WEF from other services.

  • Many services lure parents with a discounted tutor rate and then fail to adequately tutor the student.
  • Other services are not as efficient in communicating with the students’ schools and facilitating assignments, which hinders the student’s academic progress and also jeopardizes the school’s cooperation.
  • Horse Show Tutor is "the real deal," and we have the experience to prove it.

Unlike larger tutoring services, we cater to a small amount of students. To us, it's personal.

  • By limiting the amount of students in our focus, each student is a priority and receives more personalized attention.
  • Less students equates to a greater commitment from the tutors, allowing for weekend tutoring and extra tutoring hours when a student is in need.
  • Each tutor establishes a personal connection with every student and develops a feel for his or her unique learning style.
  • Each student will always be taught by the same tutor, providing a more comfortable and efficient academic experience.

Students are tutored in a private learning environment which is, through experience, more conducive to learning.

  • One-on-one tutoring takes place in the privacy of the student's home, or in owner Gina Marie's private office in the Polo Club.
  • In a private learning environment, the student is free of outside distractions and therefore can more readily focus on the academic material.
  • Communal tutoring areas compromise the student's privacy, adding the worry that any struggles with an assignment or lesson will spread throughout the small community of the horse show.

We provide regular communication with the school and every teacher.

  • For every student, I, the owner of Horse Show Tutor, am in contact with the school and every teacher involved in the educational process.
  • This constant communication allows teachers to assess the student's work on a regular basis so the child's academic performance is closely monitored by the school, and me.
  • I institute an efficient system for the exchange of assignments and exams.
  • This procedure eliminates the risk of the teacher being unfamiliar or dissatisfied with the student's progress upon his or her return to school and, thus, allows for the student to have a seamless transition back into the classroom.

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My girls love working with Gina Marie!  We have grown to love her like part of the family.  She knows how to get the schoolwork completed, while keeping both her students and their schools happy. The girls attend a prestigious school with very high standards and any slack in academic performance will not be tolerated.  I don't know how we could come to Florida for the winter without her.

Catherine E. (parent, TN.)
Board of Directors of Anthropedia Foundation

I can't say enough good things about Gina. My daughter adores her and actually enjoys doing her schoolwork when working with Gina. It is no wonder that my child excels in her studies while working with her and, every year, my child has returned to school in better academic standing then when she first arrived in Wellington, Florida. Gina does an amazing job and we are so lucky to benefit from her services as a private tutor.

Shaw P. (parent and equestrian, MD)