Our Tutors

Our Tutors

Horse Show Tutor considers itself a small, boutique business and only accepts a limited number of students each year. With less students to accommodate, owner Gina Marie Mondel is able to be more discerning with the tutors that she hires.

  • The majority of Horse Show Tutor's tutors are certified teachers, teaching in their own classroom within Palm Beach County
    • Many of these tutors are tutoring material that they teach every day in a classroom setting, in subjects of which they are certified to teach
    • AP level courses are often taught by tutors teaching that same AP course, who are not only familiar with the course material, but also the current format of the AP Exam
    • Many AP teachers are also AP exam readers, meaning they read and score the AP exams that students complete nationwide
    • Several of the AP tutors also help train other teachers to become AP certified so that are eligible to teach a specific AP course

  • After each tutoring session, tutors leave feedback for parents to read, allowing parents to stay informed about their child's academic progress and be included in the tutoring process

  • Any Horse Show Tutor tutor who is not currently employed as a certified teacher has passed a criminal background check, which can be provided to the parent upon request

  • All tutors are carefully screened and interviewed personally by Gina Marie Mondel prior to being hired


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My girls love working with Gina Marie!  We have grown to love her like part of the family.  She knows how to get the schoolwork completed, while keeping both her students and their schools happy. The girls attend a prestigious school with very high standards and any slack in academic performance will not be tolerated.  I don't know how we could come to Florida for the winter without her.

Catherine E. (parent, TN.)
Board of Directors of Anthropedia Foundation

I can't say enough good things about Gina. My daughter adores her and actually enjoys doing her schoolwork when working with Gina. It is no wonder that my child excels in her studies while working with her and, every year, my child has returned to school in better academic standing then when she first arrived in Wellington, Florida. Gina does an amazing job and we are so lucky to benefit from her services as a private tutor.

Shaw P. (parent and equestrian, MD)