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So your tack trunk at the barn is packed to the brim, and all your horse’s equipment is organized and ready to go. But what about you?? What are you bringing to WEF??

Obviously, you need to pack all your show clothes and your riding gear- that’s a no-brainer. But what else should you bring? Horse Show Tutor has reached out to our followers on Twitter for the “must haves” that need to be in your suitcase. See what these WEF veterans recommend you bring to the Sunshine State for your WEF experience.

Be Prepared to Get Wet
WEF weather encompasses a wide range of temperatures, so don’t just pack polo shirts and britches. There will be rain days, and in South Florida that can mean flooding. So be prepared for some soggy footing and torrential downpours. Definitely pack your rain gear and be prepared to get soaked at some point during your WEF excursion. @acircuitheiress even recommends bringing an extra pair of tall boots, so you always have a back-up pair to wear that is dry.

Cold Mornings and Unpredictable Weather
It can also get quite cold in Wellington. We Floridians call this weather a “cold snap,” as the temperatures will drop down into the low 50s, maybe even mid 40s, for a few days. While you may be thinking that those temps are nothing to fear, be assured that 50 degrees Fahrenheit in Florida will likely be the coldest 50 degrees you’ve ever felt! Trust us on this one and bring your winter riding gear as well. Once it drops past 60 degrees, the entire horse show will be sporting down jackets and parkas. @acircuitheiress pointed out that the early mornings can be cold and the weather is often unpredictable, so it is best to be prepared.

Baby, It’s Hot Outside
Wellington in the winter can also see some unseasonal warmth as well, with temps peaking into the 90s sometimes. It is recommended that you bring sunscreen, as the South Florida sun can be punishing! @acircuitheiress suggests you pack some coconut water as well, for refreshment and hydration in the hot Florida sun. @sydneyrider01 likes to keep an insulated water bottle, like a hydroflask, in her ring bag, so that she also has access to cold water- a must on hot days! She also suggests bringing an extra stick of deodorant with you when it’s warm. When you ride a lot of horses as she does, you get “hot and sweaty real quick.” Stinky!

Darling, Meet Me in Palm Beach for Dinner
Aside from packing for the diverse range of temperatures, you also need to toss some social outfits into that suitcase! Wellington has quite the social scene, with Palm Beach being just a short car ride away and offering even more social opportunities. @acircuitheiress feels button down shirts, which are “cute and classy,” are a WEF must have, as they are versatile for riding, as well as nice shirts for a casual dinner. @semicompetenteq also recommends a button-up with white jeans. With white jeans combined with some cute jewelry and designer shoes, you can head to Palm for some Italian at Renato’s or sushi at Imoto. She even commented that you can go straight from dinner to the Saturday night grand prix with this same outfit. @taegslong also considers white jeans a must have, commenting that you can wear white all winter long in Florida.

Sunday Nights Are Party Nights in Wellington
With Monday being the official day off for riders, Sunday night means a night out for many. When heading out to the party scene at the Grille or Player’s nightclub, @taegslong suggests black skinny jeans, a trendy jacket, and ankle strap heels or boots. When hitting the night scene in Wellington, she recommends wearing “something scandalous and sexy, but in a very classy, yet not too dressy way.”

Sunday Polo Means Cute Polo Boys
And don’t forget about Sunday Polo at IPC (the International Polo Club). For these fun outings you want to pack your floppy hats, sandals, and statement sunglasses and jewelry, as @taegslong recommends. If you want to hook a cute polo player, it’s best to follow her advice! Flower dresses and/or shirts with cute heels also work for polo, as well as a night out in Palm Beach, as do rompers, jumpsuits, and boho pants. @taegslong points out that fashionable and unique outfits will get you noticed!

Pack Your Sense of Adventure
Aside from clothing, @katekosnoff says that a WEF must-have is a sense of adventure. She comments that south Florida has so much more to offer than the excitement of the WEF show grounds. She recommends exploring the local area and also heading over to Global dressage every once in a while, “you can learn a lot by watching dressage.” @katekosnoff also recommends hitting the local Barnes and Noble for some reading material to occupy your mind when not showing.

You Can Buy Anything You Need at the Show Grounds
When headed to WEF for the winter show season, there is so much to consider when packing! Surely it will be a struggle to make sure you bring everything you need to be prepared for the weather as well as the social scene. But don’t fret too much, because whatever you forget can likely be purchased at the horse show. With so many vendors selling everything from riding gear to trendy fun clothes, you can buy just about anything you need- just be prepared to pay top dollar!

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Happy packing!