Private Tutoring Services

Perhaps you are excited to leave home and embrace college life; or maybe you are dragging your heels at leaving the comforts of home. It’s possible you are torn between the Greek life and the comfortable life of mom doing your laundry. No matter how you feel about heading to college this fall, know that Horse Show Tutor can help you get through the academic year.

College Tutoring Services are In Demand
As Horse Show Tutor’s students have graduated high school and moved on to the next chapter of college, many continue to utilize our tutoring services. With such a high demand from college students, Horse Show Tutor’s college tutoring services have skyrocketed. Currently with college students both in the United States and internationally, Horse Show Tutor helps students at both the undergrad and graduate school level.

Whatever You Need, We Can Help
So how can Horse Show Tutor help? Basically, whatever you need, we have got you covered. We have helped Grand Prix riders with their college academic needs as they have competed internationally on Nation Cup’s teams and we have also helped the everyday student just looking for some help with the busy college routine of balancing schoolwork and social life. One student even joked that Horse Show Tutor has a cult following in the sense that once you have been enriched by our tutoring help, you forever are hooked.

Paper Writing Assistance is Our Most Popular Service
Assistance with papers is our most popular service, which encompasses many different outlets of help. We can help students get started on an important and/or lengthy paper by assisting with brainstorming ideas for topics and formulating theses. We also provide support with research, including navigating complicated search engines sites like JStor, PubMed, and EcoHost. We aid students with tips on uncovering the best research in the least painful way possible, which includes muddling through scholarly and scientific journals- eek!

We also contribute services like formulating outlines and the foundation for papers, to help organize a paper’s content. Of course we can help edit the final product, and help with all types of formatting and citations- APA, Chicago, MLA- no problem! Many college students consider us an essential tool in helping them ace papers.

Gina Marie was key in developing my writing skills. When she first started helping with my papers I was intimated by the entire process and the thought of a professor grading something I wrote made me nervous. But now I have the skills to crank a paper out with clear insight and organization, which has really made a difference in my GPA.
(NYU college Student).

We Are Your Own Personal Spark Notes
Horse Show Tutor can help college students master difficult subject material, too. College courses can be challenging and entail complicated curricula. At times, students need help interpreting the complex writings of Aristotle, Augustine, or John Stuart Mill. Horse Show Tutor can lend expertise with any writings, authors, or theories. We will actually read your assigned reading and act as your own personal Spark Notes. Talk about personalized service! Whatever you need help learning, we will do whatever it takes to help you master the material.

For me, philosophy is like a foreign language. Without Gina Marie’s notes on the assigned readings, I do not think I would have passed! She made the readings easier to understand and I actually got a great grade in that course.
(UVA college student)

Our Skilled Tutors Can Tutor Nearly Any Subject
Horse Show Tutor also offers tutoring to college students who need supplemental help. With a plethora of skilled tutors, we can help with almost every subject through a scheduled Skype tutoring session or an in-person tutoring session. Did you know that one of the tutors now offering tutoring services in Wellington utilized Horse Show Tutor for help with her college courses? It’s true! Whatever college course you need tutoring in, we can help.

Those upper level Chemistry courses really kicked my butt. I am Pre-Med and need to get good grades in order to get into med school. Al I have to do is reach out to Gina Marie and she schedules an expert tutor to help me get through the material. What a life saver!”
(Georgetown college student)

Don’t Stress, Use Horse Show Tutor
College is often thought of as the best years of a person’s life; but when you are a college student, the academic challenges can be hard. Don’t stress though, because Horse Show Tutor can help. Whatever you need, we will be your academic lifeline.

Call Gina Marie at (561) 795-8868 and make your college years easier and more enjoyable.