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Gina Marie Mondel - Wellington Tutor

A fundamental component to my success as a private tutor is my role as an equestrian. For as long as I can remember, horses have always been a prominent part in my life. I grew up in southern New Jersey with crops of promising race horse foals in my backyard. I mucked stalls in the morning before school, and spent the summers of my high school and college years teaching beginner riders on my childhood pony- my first taste of teaching. In subsequent years, upon graduating from Sweet Briar College, a prestigious women's college not only noted for its equestrian team but the ethics instilled in its alumnae, I competed on the East Coast "A" circuit of shows, traveling from one competition to the next.

During my first winter competing at WEF in Wellington, Florida, I was fortunate to work at a prominent tutoring service, and it was there that I found my niche. The teaching I had so much enjoyed during those summers combined with the "A" circuit environment seemed like the best of both worlds to me. I knew then that I wanted to develop a career catering to the educational needs of equestrians.

Shortly after this revelation, I was approached by the parents of two daughters and asked to tutor them throughout the upcoming spring and fall show seasons, traveling to competitions with them and aiding with schoolwork. It was then that I officially merged my two passions to found Horse Show Tutor at the young age of 23.

It is true that I first began my work as a private tutor for equestrians to accommodate my interest in horses and riding. However, I now can say that, fortuitously, one great love has led to another. Over a decade has passed since I began professional private tutoring and I truly feel blessed to have found a profession where I am able to excel, but thoroughly enjoy. I have been very fortunate to work with so many great students and supportive parents throughout the years. Our shared passion of horses and horse riding has spurred a deeper connection with my students, which I consider to be an integral component to my success as a tutor. I understand equestrians because I am one. I can relate to my students and hence communicate with them better, allowing for a beneficial and enjoyable tutoring experience.

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My girls love working with Gina Marie!  We have grown to love her like part of the family.  She knows how to get the schoolwork completed, while keeping both her students and their schools happy. The girls attend a prestigious school with very high standards and any slack in academic performance will not be tolerated.  I don't know how we could come to Florida for the winter without her.

Catherine E. (parent, TN.)
Board of Directors of Anthropedia Foundation

I can't say enough good things about Gina. My daughter adores her and actually enjoys doing her schoolwork when working with Gina. It is no wonder that my child excels in her studies while working with her and, every year, my child has returned to school in better academic standing then when she first arrived in Wellington, Florida. Gina does an amazing job and we are so lucky to benefit from her services as a private tutor.

Shaw P. (parent and equestrian, MD)